A Collector's Community

where you can trade and sell your goods.

Search, trade and buy items from members of The Old LP. Our deal making system is not only the
first ever developed, but also the most innovative. Below are just a few of the features that set us apart.
PayPal Integration
With full PayPal integration for each deal, you'll never have to hunt through PayPal to find the details of a transaction again.
Collection Manager
A fully featured management system for your collection. Quickly import items, optionally mark for trade or sale, tag attributes and organize into sub-collections.
Cash, Trade or Both
Buy or trade, single or multiple items. You can even setup a combination trade & cash deal. Anything is possible with our flexible system.
Integrated Invoicing
At the end of a deal, an invoice is automatically generated and delivered to both parties with payment and shipping information.
Feedback System
Your reputation matters. Collect feedback from people you buy, sell and trade with.
Auto Updating Collections
When a deal is complete, items purchased or traded for automatically move between collections.
Propose & Discuss
Our unique deal making system keeps a record of all proposals between both parties. Look back and see how a deal progressed. Add and remove items from collections. Set shipping and sale prices.
For Collectors. By Collectors.
After buying, selling and trading records for more than twenty years, we know how complicated making a deal can get. So in 2009, we set out to build the most innovative trading system around.